Logo Launch Story

As a company, we are excited to that superlative degree the word can’t quite contain our excitement, as we are set to revamp ourselves and upgrade our brand identity with a new logo, lending our existing brand logo a new definition with the infusion of the three primary colours – Red, Yellow and Blue.

On our journey, we met many a tide, beat the odds several times, fought to stay afloat during others, achieved many feats too. The time, it would be erroneous to say it did not change us because it did, we have grown and evolved to become much more expansive in our approach, laser-focused in our strategies, the best at our game with a great team coming along, achieving finesse in each of the endeavours we undertake. But we have always stayed true to our name, our values and ethos and let nothing change our core.

After spending considerable time in the industry growing up to become what we are today, we have come to realize that the logo we started with is inadequate to represent truly what we are. It is incomplete without the colourings left unto us by the tides, the learnings, insights we have achieved over these years, with the values we truly believe in and aspire to achieve each day. Maybe it’s time for our logo to evolve too. So here’s our new upgraded logo – retaining our core Finessse with the infusion of the three primary colours and what they stand for us.

Red, the most vibrant of colours represents energy and passion, something we put into each of our endeavours. This colour in our logo represents the bold and energetic spirit we carry within ourselves. The colour yellow stands for emotion and speaks for how we infuse emotion to bring out your story. It represents our mission to inspire unrivalled confidence in our brands. Blue is an ode to many things – the thought behind our mission, our sharpest minds and hardcore team of digital explorers. We carry within us all the shades of blue from the lightest to deepest, that each speaks of our 360° multifaceted marketing approach and our digital expertise. These colours are all around us in everything, sometimes as they are, other times concealed in the mix. Both their primary quality and their essential interdependence and harmony inspire us and we want to achieve that whole spectrum of colours with finessse!

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