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Client: Archies Online

Industry: Ecommerce

Services: Ecommerce Solutions and
Digital Marketing

Project Brief

Archies Limited is India’s most celebrated social expression company with over 60% market share in the organized sector. Its journey started from a cards-only company to a complete social expressions company. Today, the brand appeal lies in sentiments & adorability for all age groups and demographics. They have given millions of people a voice and helped them to express their love & feelings.


Archies Ltd. forayed into e-commerce industry as Archies Online way back in the 90s. With the changing landscape of the e-commerce industry, Archies Online wanted to stay up-to-date with latest e-commerce trends and strengthen the brand connect through their website. The idea was to change the look & feel of the complete website.


  • Puzzling Navigation
  • Inadequacy of website for user experience
  • Thorough analysis to bring in user’s perspective was essential
  • The outcome desired was increased sales for Archies Online
  • Create a platform for idea generator& programmers along with a unique registration ID
  • The rules were to be implemented for both membership type and their access
  • The incorporation of “Form Submission” feature for developers’ team with a unique ID to the team

Unique Plan of Action

  • Responsive Website

    The website design technology to make the site functional across all platforms
  • Presentation

    Set up Navigation, Header, Footer and Query system in place for the website
  • Categories & Subcategories

    Reorganized the product tree structure
  • CMS

    Extended & Efficient Content Management System
  • Payment Gateway

    3 types of payment gateway were integrated for customer payments


  • Website Re-Designing
  • Responsive Website Design
  • User-Friendly Structuring
  • End-to-End Ecommerce Solution
  • Real Time Website Updation
  • Digital Marketing
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