Online Election Process

The election process is a mixture of online/ offline application. First and foremost are the mandatory/ vital details of all the voters in terms of their registration number/ email address/ company name along with details of the Authorized Signatory/ ies.

The link to the vote/ ballot will be sacrosanct for each company, it is SQL encrypted code for the Name of the Company | Unique Reference No. | Election Reference Code.

Once the vote is casted, the casted ballot which will have the Digital Signature embedded will be sent again as confirmation to the Voter and acknowledgement without the Ballot Casted will come to the admin ID of ORGANIZATION/ CLIENT for records.

The link will become non functional in case of a vote is exercised or after the cutoff date with pertinent message.

The system will be tested by Govt. Authorized and Registered Testing Company for the security check ensuring the system has adequate system and checks in place; arrangement and commercials with the agency will be handled outside the purview of our contract; directly between ORGANIZATION/ CLIENT and the agency..

The system will be locked before the process starts and opened for counting by the designated official of ORGANIZATION/ CLIENT/ ELECTION OFFICER. The log reports will be saved from the server and handed over to you; this is to ensure no unauthorized access has been made to the server.

Help Desk support will be provided from ORGANIZATION/ CLIENT wherein they handle all the queries and in case if needed, the emails will be sent again to the voters who have not recorded the same or have deleted by mistake. The emails will be sent again after cross checking from our end, whether the ballot is casted or not.

Email Support: The emailing for the first time at the launch of system along with the repeat mailing as instructed by the help desk in charge will be handled from our end.

At the end of the election, we would give you consolidated results/ analytics which will give you a complete break up of all activities and user actions on the site.

Why e-lection?

It's a tamper proof online + offline election process. The process is designed and developed keeping in mind the sections of IT Act.

It has 4 tier security as mentioned below:

Managing Every Possible Aspect of
your Online Elections

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