Our Social Media Marketing Solutions

Social media is the new-age Avatar of good, old word of mouth marketing. Infact, recent trends suggest that social media signals are a key influence in boosting your search engine rankings.

We believe that Social media marketing is more than creating a business profile page and posting a few images and posts. It involves a lot more, including:

Social media audit: To identify the right channels for your target audience.

Build your Audience Circle: We position your brand to the right audience.

Engage with Social Media Influencer: We partner with the right influencers to help your brand reach out to a new audience.

Build your Brand Voice: We develop a unique voice for your brand, which reflects the personality of your products/services.

Regular Social Posting: We schedule regular posts on your social pages using the content on your site.

Content Creation: We also create, new engaging content for your brand, that makes the right connect with the target audience.

And, much more including running unique social media campaigns, advertising, reporting and so on. Careful analysis, a tenacious approach and a stunning design – are the three pillars of all our social media campaigns.

our social media
marketing services

image implying social media marketing services

our social media
marketing services

  • Social Media Audit
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social Media Consulting & Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Outreach & Engagement
  • Social Community Developement & Management
  • Social Media Monitoring & Listening

Are you able to Connect and Engage with your
Audience, Create Conversions and Boost Profits?

We at Finessse Interactive are social media experts who live, breathe and thrive in the vast world of social media.

Developing a social media strategy for your business, Facebook page management, Instagram account management, Facebook advertising, blogger outreach, influencer marketing, LinkedIn marketing etc. are just a few of the things we do around here.


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